Conditions of Membership

By-laws of AWMF (Google translation) say:

"At the request of any independent German scientific and medical society can become a member, used exclusively or mainly scientific questions of medicine including its practical applications dedicated to the constitution of which these goals as well as the profit of the company incurred and as adopted by the Conference of Delegates inclusion criteria in each version is sufficient.

Decides on the admission conference of
delegates. A specialist societyy will be included in the AWMF when 3/4 of the voting delegates approve this request. Abstentions are counted as "no" votes. "

As inclusion criteria, the Conference of Delegates has recently adopted in November 2010:



  •     Clearly identifiable scientific objective, documented by the statutes.
  •     The objective of the scientific work of the Society should relate to topics of medicine and other health-related scientific issues.
  •     There should be a minimum of three years of scientific activity be documented, especially by scientific conferences or through the (co-) publication of a scientific journal, as an organ of society.
  •     The membership should comprise a majority of clinically active physicians / dentists or out in the field of medicine involved in research graduates.
  •     Holding companies that do not have their own natural persons as members, can not be included in the AWMF.
  •     Tight thematic affinity with societies that are already members of AWMF, the recording does not exclude in principle, if a deviating focus of the work is.
  •     Strong thematic restriction contradicts the stand-alone recording.
  •     Predominant application orientation without a scientific objective can exclude the recording.
  •     Strong advocacy and a predominantly professional, and political orientation without a primary scientific objective (professional association without clearly identifiable section of science), precludes the admission.
  •     The individual examination of applications is due to the constant recording of the Commission AWMF with advice and decision in the Board prior to the final vote in the Conference of Delegates.

The admission process is as follows:

The company that wants to be a member of the AWMF, an application for the AWMF fills out and sends it together with the necessary equipment to the office of the AWMF.
The application form and the submitted documents go to the permanent record of the AWMF Admittance Commission, which advises on the application, where appropriate, request further documentation from the company and finally gives a vote to advise the Bureau.
The application for admission will consult with the vote of the Admissions Committee in the Board and included in the agenda for the next conference delegates with a positive vote by the Board and the company requesting invited to participate in this conference delegates.
Case of a negative vote by the Admissions Committee and / or the Board, the Company has notified the appropriate request and appeal against this decision on the request at the next Conference of Delegates opportunity to briefly introduce themselves and possibly to a negative vote by the Admissions Committee or the decision, the Executive Committee position to take.
The Conference of Delegates true then in this, or if further advice or need for information at the next meeting on the application for from.
Achieved the Company has a majority of three quarters of those present at the duly convened Conference of Delegates, it is accepted as a full member in the AWMF.
The Board may invite, with the consent of the Conference of Delegates of a society without the active and passive right to vote as cooperating or associate member for thematic cooperation.