AWMF-Institute for Medical Knowledge Management (AWMF-IMWi)


AWMF Board  decided on March 24,2009 to install a AWMF-Institut für Medizinisches Wissensmanagement (AWMF-IMWi).

Primary Tasks of the Institute are

  • Maintenance of Guidelines Registers of AWMF
  • Further development of AWMF-Rules for Guidelines and methods of guideline development
  • Methodological support for guideline developing groups
  • Buildout of AWMF-workshops for guideline developers and advisors

and participation on behalf of AWMF

  • in guideline programs (e.g. NVL, OL)
  • in networks of national quality initiatives
  • in International Guidelines Network (GIN).

The institute is settled at Fachbereich Medizin of Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Mail address:
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 1
35043 Marburg 

Chief: Prof. Dr. med. Ina B. Kopp
Tel. (06421) 286-2296
eMail: via Institut

Scientific coworkers:
Dr. med. Monika Nothacker (vice chief)
Dr. Cathleen Muche-Borowski

eMail: via Institut 

Assistant: Simone Bucher
Tel. (06421) 286-2296
eMail: Bucher or Institut

Guidelines-Register: Ulrike Weber
AWMF-Office, Düsseldorf
Tel. (0211) 31 28 28
eMail: Weber oder Institut