AWMF operates two Working Groups:

» Working Group "Doctors and Lawyers"

Since mid of the 1970ies AWMF operates a 'Working Group "Doctors and Lawyers"'. The working group has two non-public meetings per year and discusses medico-legal items. Members of the working group come from medicine, jurisprudence, and courts of all instances in Germany.

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» Working Group "Hygiene in Hospital and Practice"

In May 2001 AWMF adopted the "Deutschsprachigen Arbeitskreis für Krankenhaushygiene" (foundes 1986) as "Working Group Hospital Hygiene of AWMF". In February 2005 it was renamed as 'Working Group "Hygiene in Hospital and Practice" of AWMF'. More informations in German language are available from the Homepage of the Working Group.