Short History of AWMF

In November, at the suggestion of the German Society of Surgery, representatives of 16 scientific and medical societies metin the BG Trauma Clinic in Frankfurt / Main and founded the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) as unincorporated association. Today in AWMF over 160 scientific and medical societies are represented, which deal with the full range of science and research policy issues in the field of medicine.

At the time of inception, the AWMF focused primarily on the specialized training and the introduction of a certification examination. But after a short time the task area was further increased. In May 1975, the Conference of Delegates of the AWMF decided to define tasks and goals of the organization as:

"The AWMF is a voluntary association of medical and scientific societies, has joined the vast majority of these companies. She sees her sphere of activity in the field of science policy, as far as medicine is concerned, and has no goals on professional political field. It pursues and promotes the scientific development of medicine including the relationships with the medical practice.
It therefore sees it as their main tasks at this is all scientific questions of research, training, continuing education and training to work together with other relevant institutions closely.
It encourages its member companies to the joint processing of important interdisciplinary issues of medical and public health importance.
The AWMF will turn on certain occasions with messages to the public and take in preparing science and health policy decisions in consultation with the professional bodies, the connection to political authorities.
The AWMF constantly monitors all transactions and developments that promote or impair the academic achievements of medicine, and optionally to comment. She looks to continue their task is the exchange of information, coordination and joint action of the combined societies. "

Also in 1975, together with the surgeon Prof. Dr. Gert Carstensen (Mülheim / Ruhr) and the then AWMF President, Prof. Dr. Hans Kuhlendahl (Dusseldorf), Prof. Dr. Hans-Ludwig Schreiber (Göttingen)  founded the working group "doctors and lawyers" of AWMF, which takes up twice a year since then medico-legal issues and discuss interdisciplinary and inter-professional.


... to be continued.


The Boards

After the founding of AWMF in 1962 the organization was governed by a board called "Vorstand". According to the statute in force from 1981 the board was called "Präsidium" of AWMF. The Presidents and Board members have been:

1. Chairman:

    Prof. H. Junghanns    1962 - 1969
    Prof. H. Mittelmeier    1969 - 1973
    Prof. H. Kuhlendahl    1973 - 1981

Presidents from 1981:

    Prof. H. Kuhlendahl    1981 - 1985
    Prof. K.-H. Vosteen    1985 - 1991
    Prof. H. Reinauer    1991 - 2000
    Prof. A. Encke    2000 - 2009
    Prof. K. H. Rahn    since 2009

2. Chairman:

    Prof. O. E. Riecker    1966 - 1969
    Prof. R. Ch. Behrend    1969 - 1981

Vice Presidents since 1981:

    Prof. K.-H.Vosteen    1981 - 1985
    Prof. R. Ch. Behrend    1981 - 1986
    Prof. H. Reinauer    1985 - 1991
    Prof. F. Heuck    1986 - 1990
    Prof. H. Usadel    1990 - 1999
    Prof. P. Satter    1991 - 1994
    Prof. W. Hartel    1994 - 2000
    Prof. P. v. Wichert    1999 - 2009
    Prof. W. Gaebel    since 2000
    Prof. W. Wagner    since 2009


    Prof. H. Reinauer    2000 - 2009
    Prof. A. Encke    seit 2009


    Prof. H. Singer    1966 - 1975
    Prof. K.-H. Vosteen    1975 - 1978
    Prof. K. Rosenbauer    1978 - 1999
    Prof. J. v. Troschke    1999 - 2006


    Dr. A. von Essen    1963 - 1971
    Dr. K.-H. Stürner    1971 - 1979
    Prof. K.-F. Schlegel    1979 - 1996
    Prof. W. Bock    1996 - 2008
    Prof. H. C. Korting    2008 - 2012
    Prof. Selbmann since 2012

More Board Members:

    Prof. E. Brähler    2006 - 2009
    Prof. R. Engenhart-Cabillic    2006 - 2012
    Prof. Ch. Herrmann-Lingen   since 2012
    Prof. H. C. Korting    2006 - 2008
    Prof. H.-D. Saeger    since 2009
    Prof. H.-K. Selbmann    2006 - 2012
    Prof. C. Spies    since 2009
    Prof. R.-D.Treede    since 2006
    Prof. W. Wagner    2006 - 2009
    Dr. A. Wienke    since 2009

Honorary Chairmen or Honorary Presidents:

    Prof. H. Junghanns (†)
    Prof. H. Kuhlendahl (†)
    Prof. K.-H. Vosteen (†)
    Prof. H. Reinauer